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The Making Beautiful Bras eBook is your complete guide to understanding bras and learning how to make your own well-fitting bras.

The book has all 202 pages from the printed book, contains 282 monochrome diagrams and 3 pages of colour plates. It is available in various formats to suit most eBook reader devices and software, including ePub, mobi and PDF.

The eBook contains –

  • An analysis of a well fitting bra and the components of a bra.
  • Instructions for drafting your own individual bra pattern from your favourite bra.
  • An explanation of all the basic sewing techniques that enable us to sew very professional looking bras on the humble sewing machine.
  • General sewing instructions for “typical’ underwired and non-underwired bras.
  • Specific sewing instructions for six different styles of underwired bras.
  • Specific sewing instructions for nine different styles of non-underwired bras.
  • An analysis of the design and construction of a range of special bras: nursing bras, strapless bras, ‘push-up’ bras, long-line bras, bra body-suits, mastectomy bras, sports bras, minimiser bras, front opening bras and ‘heavy duty’ bras.
  • Strategies to overcome some design and fit problems.
  • A method for producing a cup pattern from a breast.


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